Designed & developed: West Coast Physiques

  • Skills Needed:
    Wordpress, Theme development, Plugin development, API integration
  • Client:
    West Cost Physiques
  • Project URL:

West Coast Physiques is a recently opened gym located in Perth, Australia. I was hired to make a WordPress theme advertising their products and personal training services.

Being a newly launched business, turnaround time and budget were of utmost importance to the client and having worked with many startups before, I was sympathetic to their situation. I was immediately keen to steer them towards the most cost effective platform – which due to their requirements, was WordPress.

Whilst I often advise bigger, more established, clients away from WordPress it’s often a good choice when cost is the primary concern. This is due to the massive amount of plugins and themes available for the platform. And in this case, the plugin and theme marketplace was a lifesaver, allowing me to deliver all of the clients requirements within their limited budget. For me that’s what it’s all about.

Main challenges of the project.

  • Offering e-commerce at a budget – It’s not uncommon for new e-commerce builds to cost thousands of pounds. Using Woo-commerce with an existing theme I was able to lessen the costs for the client.
  • Integrating booking calendar with Google Calendar – With a big enough budget this type of requirement is not a problem. Without though, it becomes challenging. In this instance, I was able to locate an open-source library that offered part of the functionality. This allowed me to focus on the communication with Google exclusively, cutting the development hours and costs significantly. These savings in time were passed on to the client, who was able to realise more advanced requirements on a tight budget.
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